italia quatro, burano…


we were so close to burano being in murano
that we decided to take the boat over to see it
murano is know for glass
burano is know for lace
it was much smaller, but just as pretty
we walked the street and took a zillion more pictures
the houses were colourful and the shops filled with lace
it was near the end of the days so most shops were just about the close
i did see a handful of nonna’s making little lace items in their little shops
andie and zia bough scarfs
we had an impromptu soccer game with valentino in street with a water bottle
when you have a baby travelling with you
you have to keep him constantly entertained
it was hilarious
we walked back to landing and took the boat back to venice
we were starving
we ended up at a restaurant near where we were staying
we attacked plates of pasta and a bottle of red wine
great end, to a great day!

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