italia uno – venice 1…



the family trip to italy has been a decade in the making!
there was 7 of us in total
my mom, my zia (mom’s sister – zia is ‘aunt’ in italian)
my sisters jenny and andie
my nephew valentino, jenny’s husband tommy
and me
actually technically 8 (jenny was preggers with cristiano)
we started in venice!
my mom and zia were born just outside of venice, in treviso
it’s the north of italy
i met them at the airport in venice
and we maneuvered our way to the boat landing of where we were staying
venice is filled with canals and boats
it. is. amazing!
but we had to wait nearly 2 hours at the landing!
our flight came in late, so we had to wait there till our airbnb host could come get us
we sat at the landing trying to entertain a 16 month old baby
we just kept feeding him snacks and taking him on walks
i needed a bed and a shower, badly
i came from bender of a night out in NYC
i basically went from club to airport
and was ridic hungover the whole time!
some old, drunk italian man kept talking to us while we waited
and making faces at the baby
when we finally got to our apartment
it was perfect!!!
it was in the cannaregio neighbourhood
andie, jenny and i went for a walk to get groceries
but grocery store was closed
so we went to the pizzaria and got two large pizzas
and bought beer and wine from a street vendor
perfecto first meal in italy with the familgia
the next morning we woke up and went to a cafe for breakfast
valentino had his first cappucino minus the coffee (frothy steamed milk)
then we walked the streets of venice!
this was my second time in venice
the city is incredible…
even if we went up and down 50 bridges with a stroller :P
in st. marcos square we went all out
and for a lovely 100 euros (about $150 canadian)
we had 6 drinks and a quiche for the baby
we laughed at how crazy expensive it was
you live once
eat the cake
or in this case drink to 15 euro ice tea
and 20 euro prosecco!

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