i went to fiji!
what a magical place it was
i only had two days there before leaving to go to australia!
i stayed at a cute little place called club fiji resort
it was really beautiful and quiet! perfect.
i arrived really early in the morning
slept for a few hours then woke up an took a zillion pics of the resort surroundings
all the rooms are ‘bure’ inspired
a traditional bure in fiji is a home made of straw and wood
similar to a little cabin
it was a nice little room and i loved it!
after roaming and taking a zillion pics, i watched the sun set
amazing! a fijian sunset
i have dreamed of that for years
i woke up early the next day to meet a group of people
i was going on an adventure that day
it was a family from australia and myself!
our guide for the day was amazing
we drove just outside into the hills surrounding the town of nadi
we jumped out of the jeep and hiked about 40 mins to a small waterfall
we went swimming in the falls
swimming in waterfall in fiji!! more dreams coming true
we hiked back down to the nearby village
we took part in a traditional kava ceremony then ate lunch
after lunch to went to the nearby mud baths
so fun!
we jumped into this really mucky water
slathered mud all over our bodies
soaked our hair in the mud too
we let it dry, rinsed it off then jumped into the hot spring
gosh, my skin felt amazing after for days
we packed up and headed back to my resort
i was sad because that night I had to leave fiji
my guide during the day said he would drive me to the airport later
i went back to the resort hung out by the beach
took a zillion more pics
then took a dip in the pool and got ready to leave
when the driver picked me up
his girlfriend was with him, she was lovely
we chatted about how much i loved fiji
we picked up his mother on the way, and her friend
he saw his sister walking on the road and picked her up too!
i was in the truck with the whole family, ha ha!
they insisted that the next time i am there, i stay with them instead of at a resort
they dropped me off at the airport
i waved them all good-bye
i have dreamed of fiji for years
i am so happy i made that dream come true :)

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