greece part duo – santorini & ios…


we went sailing! yay, fav thing to do is go sailing
it was a big pirate looking ship
it was amazing
we anchored the boat in a little bay
and spent hours swimming and basically having the best day ever!
i jumped from the top of the boat, yahoooo
we packed up after sailing and headed to the ferry boat to get to ios
we got the resort we were staying in ios
and there was a full on party going on in the pool area, full on!
we ditched our bags, put on our bathing suits
and blasted it to the pool
we got our fill of fun
and headed back to the room to get ready for dinner
we took over the hotel restaurant that night
and the dance floor
we planned a night out ios and went from bar to bar
by the forth bar i had to take a break
i sat outside on a bench a people watched
the tiny streets were packed with hundreds of people
it was like spring break daytona beach… but in greece
2 italian guys stopped to talk to me
they were lovely
the group i was with was going to one last bar
i joined them
we stayed there for another hour and then we were ready to go
it was 5am
getting a cab in ios is barely possible
there are like 2 cabs for the whole area
we waited forever
got back to hotel
passed out!

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