greece part uno – athens & santorini… 


i went to greece for work
how’s that for a work trip?!
a crew of us from the canadian office headed to greece for a week
i arrived in athens in the late afternoon
i was exhausted and barely slept on the plane on the way there
i was too busy eating, drinking and watching movies in first class to be sleeping
i met up with the rest of the work crew and headed down for cocktail hour in the lobby
there were 80 of us from around the world in attendance for a sales conference
after cocktail hour we had dinner
as the non meat eater that i am, i wasn’t keen to eat slovaki
(this is when i became obsessed with greek potatoes)
after dinner i had the intention that i was going straight to bed
that didn’t happen
we had guests for the conference
the guys from the buried life
dave and i got into a massive conversation
about music and travel
my two fav things to talk about
i pulled myself away from talking about his paris adventures
because our first meeting was at 8:30am the next morning
meetings were great the next day
and that night we went to a beach resort for dinner and drinks
it was beautiful!
but it was another early day the next day and a day full of meetings
meetings again were great, but everyone was still tired from the day before!
that night we had a really nice gala dinner at a beautiful restaurant
with a pretty view of the acropolis
it was an earlyish night because the next morning we headed to santorini
we had a call time of 4:30am
i was dying
so tired
everyone zonked out on the boat
we had one last afternoon meeting
and then we got to go out in santorini!
santorini is everything that you see in pictures
white buildings, beautiful churches with blue roofs and incredible ocean views
we watched the sunset
greek sunset
we all know how much i love sunsets
after dinner we ended up dancing late at some random bar
it. was. fun!
the next day we headed to ios


  • Jason Plasaj says:

    WOW! Pretty remarkable and amazing life of travel and adventure. Stumbled across this site randomly.
    Good read and best wishes.

    An old classmate from back in the day,

  • Hosting says:

    You can buy ferry tickets for the route between Mykonos and Santorini – but you will rarely need advance tickets outside of July and August. If you re already in Greece you can buy tickets from any travel agency a few days in advance of your ferry trip.

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