italia duo – venice 2…

we went on a gondola ride
andie was really excited
she’d been to venice a few times
but never taken a gondola ride
i held on to valentino for dear life
it’s not really customary for babies to wear a life jacket in a gondola
plus my sister jenny demanded “hold on to that kid for dear life”
our gonalier was amazing
valentino was amazed by him until we tried to get a pic with him
baby melt down
we drifted down the canals taking it all in
and taking a zillion pics
absolutely amazing!
after the gondala we went to eat a late lunch
we stumbled upon this really cute patio
and ate pasta!
it was yummy
of course it was
we’re in italy!
funny though, i ate pasta almost every day growing up
but i rarely eat it as an adult
only when my mom makes it at home
because her spaghetti sauce is the best
spoken like a true italian daughter

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