jen rose and lake louise/ banff = amazingness


jen rose is the coolest person i know
her and i were likely separated at birth and we were reunited one day on bloor street 3 years ago
we met when she was locking up her bike, and i was about to run over a guy on my bike by accident. ha!
we both walked into the same classroom minutes later, the rest is history
and she is now one of my best friends
i wanted for her to come to visit me in calgary
i told her we had to go to lake louise and banff!!
she had never been, we were both super excited
i picked her up from the airport
she thinks it’s hilarious i drive here
i hate driving, every human who knows me, knows this. i feel like i kill a tree every time i turn the key
i have legs and and bike, i’d rather use those than a silly car
but you NEED one in calgary, it’s literally impossible to function as a human being taking the city bus
i tried the city bus for a long period of time when i first moved here, i failed miserably
we stopped and had yummy breakfast at the coop before driving out
in true alberta fashion the weather was freezing fog and snow
the drive is incredibility beautiful to the canadian rockies
for as much as i hate driving, i sure do love that drive, road trip driving is acceptable :D
we spent time wandering around the chateau lake louise
jen bought a necklace with moldavite
it’s a super rare gem like meteorite formation
a bazzillion jokes stemmed from the purchase of the necklace throughout the next 24 hours
and still continues to this day
#moldavite :D
we walked on the lake’s frozen ice, breathed in the mountain air and loved every minute of it
we drove to banff after, and checked into our room for the night, then we went for a walk down banff ave
i wanted to go into roots and look at the beaver canoe sweatshirts (i have this odd obsession with all things beaver canoe)
we ended up chatting with this super nice aussie named steve who worked there
he was wearing a red plaid shirt, and had the most perfect man beard i have ever seen
he suggested jen and i go to bear street pub for dinner, and we did
it was yummy! i had fish tacos (obviously)
if fish tacos are on the menu i always order them
we decided we either were about to get drunk at 7pm and stay drunk till 2am
or we go rest… then wake up, then go for drinks
the latter made more sense
jen set the alarm for 11pm and the plan was we nap, get up, then go out
instead jen hit snooze and we slept till 12:30am!!!
we got up, got ready and went out!
we walked to the rose and crown and had a few drinks
we met this nice couple and chatted with them and the bartenders
it was a perfect day and night out!
the next morning we woke up and i took jen to wild flour
it’s a super yum breakfast place that karyn took me to the last time i was in banff
jen and i walked up to the banff springs hotel after breakfast
the hotel is rich in heritage and i love wandering around it
it’s a huge castle in the mountains!
we had to leave in the early afternoon because jen had a flight to catch back to toronto that night
we packed up and drove back in the snow
i was sad to say goodbye to jen
i love the time that jen and i spend together
it is always filled with great chats about life and laughs about everything :D

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