there is ‘corporate stephanie’ and ‘gypsy stephanie’
i have learned to live with both in sequential harmony
i love writing business plans, love it
i love drafting wrap reports, love it too
i love budgets, numbers and brand strategy
i also geek out and love reading articles about marketing
and looking at infographs
and talking business with anyone i meet
but then there is ‘gypsy stephanie’
with constant wanderlust running rampant through me
who’s cool to sleep under the stars
and who loves going off the beaten path
but also staying on the well carved travel path… sometimes :)
i’ve grown to love living with ‘what i need’, not what ‘i want’
it has been the best life decision ever
i mean really, it would be awesome
to be a travelling lady of leisure every day
but i’m down to draft that marketing plan for you :)

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