sardenga (sardinia) part uno…


sardegna part uno…

i went to sardegna with my sister andie and her friend amy for a week!
sardenga is an island in the mediterranean sea, and is a part of italy
it was a milk run of a trip to get there
calgary to toronto, toronto to new york
transfer from LGA to JFK, JFK to rome
then finally rome to olbia
4 flights! totally worth the adventure
i figured i could get by with my spanglish because i don’t speak italian, and it worked!
most people spoke english anyways in sardegna
but spanish is so similar to italian that reading signs and menus was easy
our plan was to drive along the coast of the whole island
what an amazing adventure it was!
the first night we got in we stayed in olbia
our hotel was in a cute little part of town surrounded by resto’s
we went out for dinner that night then walked around the city
we ended the night with yummy gelato
the next morning we headed for alghero and the beach!
i love water, i love beaches, i love swimming!
alghero was incredible!
we stayed in a cute room that overlooked the ocean that my sister found on airbnb
we actually found most of our night stays on
we went to dinner that night and ate pizza, drank prosecco and for dessert we had tiramisu, yum!!
it was a perfect start to the week

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