tulum, mexico part duo…

the next morning we chilled on the beach, obviously
but we also rented bikes in the afternoon and took a little cruise around town!
we walked around the little shops and ended up a papaya playa
it was a sweet little spot with a nice little vibe
but then a torrential rain storm hit mid mojito
our bike ride back to our hotel, in the dark and in the rain was certainly an adventure!
we pulled ourselves together and went to posada margarita for a late night dinner
i’ve eaten a whole lotta fresh made pasta in my life with my family being italian
but this might have been the most delicious homemade pasta
that was not made by a family member
whoa! yummy
we were full
like roll me right into bed full
but there was a BPM party at a hotel down the way
so we stopped in to check it out
i was in a food coma
but we had a few drinks
and chatted with a few nice people
i crashed hard when we got back to the hotel
the next day we woke and and went to the beach
there is a clear pattern here, beach day… every day
that evening we got dressed up and headed into playa del carman
the BPM festival was having it’s closing party and my friends were playing
we got to the party at mamita’s beach club around 8pm and it was a full on beach rave
we met up with a crew of my toronto friends and had a great time!
after the party ended we headed to a cute spot that jo suggested we go to
her and her boyfriend had eaten these yummy crab stuffed avocados
i can’t remember for the life of me what the restaurant was called
but i recreated the recipe when i got home – check it
it was a great ending to a great night!

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