tulum, mexico part tres…

the next day was our last day
tulum is beautiful and the hotel was amazing
it was the perfect way to spend what would have been
a shizza winter weekend in toronto
so for our last day we went sailing!
jo found a guy that had a small hobie cat
he picked us up at 9am
it. was. amazing.
i love all types of sailing
and being near, in or on water
we sailed out far enough to a small little reef
where we went snorkelling
there were fish everywhere
and the most incredible thing happened
i saw a manta ray swim right under me coasting along the ocean floor below
i started frantically waving my hands to get jo’s attention to look down
it was one of the most unexpected and incredible events
seeing an animal like that in the wild
i think we (or maybe just me) forget sometimes that animals do exist in the wild
after all the zoo’s and aquariums that we are used to seeing animals in
it was a wonderful morning to end an amazing weekend with my girlfriends
until next time tulum, adios!

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