tulum, mexico part uno…


katie, jo and i went to mexico!
we flew on westjet into cancun
then took a car service to tulum
the ride was about 2 hours
our driver was amazing
he and i chatted in spanish
i like speaking spanish, well spanglish :)
we arrived at boutique metizo hotel and fell in love immediately
the hotel was beautiful and our room was huge
perfect for 3 girls
we had a drink at the bar while we waited for our room
but once in our room we ripped off our clothes
and got into our bikini’s and headed to the ocean
ahhhh the beach and the ocean
that night we had a quiet night and ate dinner at the hotel
the next day we woke up and ate a yummy breakfast
we wanted to go on an adventure that day
jo went scuba diving at cenote dos ojos caves
and katie and i went snorkeling around the caves
it. was. amazing!
the hotel arranged for a driver to take us there
the driver was amazing and i practiced spanish again
he didn’t speak english
our driver waited there for us and when we came back to the car
he had chips for us, how nice!
girls love chips :)
after snorkeling we hung out on the beach at the hotel
we met two guys – one from spain, the other from argentina
the argentine and i spoke spanish, his name was Eli
we were on equal levels of the each others first language
it was perfect practice
i get nervous speaking spanish to people who know english really well
(gosh i love argentina, it’s my home away from home)
that night we decided to go for dinner at ‘be tulum
dinner was amazing
i forget i know spanish
until i blurt things out
i turned around and asked for the check in spanish and laughed!
“oh! i know how to say that”
be tulum‘ has a beautiful beach fire at night
we sat by the fire with a few drinks
it was a an easy night and a great night with my friends!

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